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Broken Pieces - A Mosaic of the Heart

Broken Pieces - A Mosaic of the Heart

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Linnette is a professional trainer, coach, and speaker who's worked with several Fortune 100 and 500 companies. She has inspired thousands to strive for and reach their full potential. She is also a designer and an events coordinator. She has been in Children’s Ministry and Women’s Ministry for over 25 years. Her love for the Lord is communicated on and off the platform through her love for people and her heart for the hurting.

Linnette’s testimony of brokenness to redemption will take you on a journey from self-destruction and abuse to the beauty of a life with purpose and abundant joy. You will cry, you are sure to laugh, but more importantly, you will be moved to see your own brokenness as a beautiful mosaic, lovingly crafted by the Master's hand.

Linnette is an Iowa native who now calls Ohio her home. When she isn’t speaking or writing, she spends as much time as possible with her active family, Linnea, Matt, and grandchildren Matthew, Abigail, and Sarah. She has a passion for nature (where she says she sees God in everything).  Music and coffee are her constant companions. Linnette is the type of person you pull up next to in the car and laugh at because she’s singing at the top of her lungs while her hands are raised in the air! Her passion is to encourage others to find their God-given purpose so they too can walk in the love and joy of a life devoted to Christ.

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