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Author R. Dean Chrisco

Dr. Ben Carson called his books “ingenious and revolutionary in the
unearthing of our nation’s true history as the backdrop to current events”;
also saying the works “provide the solution to America’s problems that can
endear our future if America heeds the message.” Dr. Carson was talking
about Dean Sharp’s revolutionary two-volume works “Where Did My
Country Go?” and “Taking My Country Back!” which he wrote under his pen
name R Dean Chrisco.

Dean is a former university basketball player having attended Missouri
Southern State University on an athletic scholarship. Academically, Dean
studied engineering, combined with a degree program from Ozark Christian
College, graduating with his Bachelors Degree. Later, Dean did his
Master’s Degree work in business and communications at UCLA. Dean
has been a pastor, a corporate business executive in global engineering
services, and now an author/speaker. Dean has an outspoken love for
America that is rarely seen in our culture today. He has an exciting
message saying “Everyone knows that is America has drifted off its
foundation, is broken, and no longer works. In order to fix the country, we
have to view our true history, which is no longer taught, and within that see
what has made us a great nation, and reclaim those underpinnings. Once
there, we can see and fix the real problems and bring our nation back from
the brink to being that shining city on a hill that Ronald Reagan called it.”

Dean’s message is hailed by many as being prophetic and a call to action
for any person who loves liberty, freedom, and wants to see righteousness
restored to our land. Come meet Dean and secure your copy of these
critical books.