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Taking My Country Back

Taking My Country Back

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A clandestine war has been raging against American ideals and Christian beliefs/morality for well over a century, surfacing in the last few decades to reveal the sinister face of the enemy. The enemy’s war machinery is being run by those who call themselves “Progressives.” In truth, there is nothing at all progressive about them; their name masks the eons-old belief system of secular humanism and their collectivist mission to steal liberty. This enemy’s mortar fire has been targeting our American heritage, chiseling away at the foundation of Christian beliefs, morality, ethics, and free enterprise which our Founding Fathers put in place as underpinnings of the American dream. One tragedy of these savage attacks is a remanufactured, politically correct, phony, and deceptive history of who Americans are.

Our nation sits at a fork in the road.  The author, Dean Chrisco, is convinced there is a way to solve America's many problems. He contends that collectively, most Americans have a form of national amnesia; they do not even know who they are or what trademarks made our nation such a special place in years past. To discover the solution, he contends the first issue at hand is to observe the genuine historical past of our nation, including the Founder’s implementations that set our country on the right course. Knowing our true past is the facilitator that brings us face to face with our true identity, our heritage, and the problems caused by attacks made along the way. History reveals the true foundation and underpinnings of our nation, something the Leftists do not want young citizens to see. Said differently, history becomes a lens through which we can view the hidden and internal workings of our nation’s past, seeing infectious problems, much like a CT-Scan does in the world of medicine when considering treatment for a problem with the human body.

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